Phil’s Quotes

Philip L. Franckel’s Quotations

  • Never under estimate the stupidity of your adversary.
  • Everything isn’t shit.  There’s fertilizer in everything.
  • It’s not time to worry until you’re being led to the electric chair.
  • Don’t worry about what you can’t control.
  • If you can’t do it, there’s another way.
  • A problem is never a problem until it becomes a problem.
  • If you want a more efficient way to do something, ask someone who’s lazy (I can always find a more efficient and better way).
  • If you want it done right the first time, don’t rush.
  • You never know who your holding the door for.  (I once held the door, while entering a courthouse, for an elderly man.  He turned out to be the judge I appeared in front of – it went well.)
  • Never memorize, always understand the reason or principle. (The secret to graduating aeronautical engineering, law school and passing the Bar without studying.)
  • People with low self esteem or who don’t have, pretend to have. Beware of pretenders.
  • People who say something derogatory about someone else are always describing their own trait.
  • If life is too boring, turn on the TV! (or read a book or learn something useful like website building on the internet-start at &
  • After age 40, calories have to be worthwhile (that means at least Godiva or even better, teuscher, perhaps teuscher Champagne Chocolate Truffles).

Not my quotes but ones that are good:

  • There’s always another bus behind the one you just missed. (This applies to everything in life from relationships to business and more.)

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